Yet Another Imbalance Data Handling Approach

KID-Net architecture. The two contradicting phases are colored in blue. The down-sampling and up-sampling phases detect and localize features respectively. The segmentation result, at different scale levels, are averaged to compute the final segmentation.
  • Custom weighting like median frequency weighting
  • Bootstrapping
  • Custom sampling (oversampling and undersampling)
Typical verses proposed approach
Typical neural network loss function analysis.
Proposed neural network loss function
Quantitative evaluation for different training schema in two evaluation re- gions. Dynamic Weighting (DW) plus Random Sampling (RS) achieves the highest accuracies.
  • My main negative comment is the lack of extensive evaluation. The proposed approach is evaluated on a single dataset, for a single task, semantic segmentation. While the approach seems intuitive, more experiments are still required



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Ahmed Taha

Ahmed Taha

I write reviews on computer vision papers. Writing tips are welcomed.